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Dolphins Season Ticket Holders Told They Cannot Renew Because Tickets Were Resold

The Miami Dolphins are reportedly telling certain season ticket holders they cannot renew because of excessive resales. At what point should the ticket holder's right to do what he wants with the tickets he paid for be compromised?

Innovative, and not in a good way.
Innovative, and not in a good way.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This post isn't Texans news at all, but what the Miami Dolphins are doing to some of their season ticket holders could have an impact on how the Texans and other NFL teams handle their relationships going forward.

I haven't heard of a team doing anything like this before, but I also hadn't heard of a team advising its season ticket holders of a price increase and insisting fans commit to paying for tickets for the following season before the current season was even over, yet the Dolphins apparently did just that as well.

First and foremost, I'd be interested to see what the Dolphins' season ticket contract looks like. Seeing as how the team is going down this path, I assume the agreement governing season ticket sales must allow them the power to terminate the relationship on this or a similar basis. In other words, I would think there must be some language in the agreement that permits the Dolphins to terminate the arrangement for a specific or nebulous reason that would apply to these facts (e.g., resale of the tickets instead of the purchaser using them).

Nevertheless, if I was a Dolphins season ticket holder, I'd be livid. How can the team, after you have purchased the tickets, tell you what you can and can't do with them?  What number of resales is considered "too many times?"  Ideally, you want Dolphins fans in those seats; I get that.  But to say that someone can't renew their season tickets because they sold the very tickets they already paid the Dolphins for?  That strikes me as ludicrous.

Furthermore, how would the Dolphins know the allegiance of the person who bought the tickets on the secondary market from the season ticket holder?  What if the new purchaser was a Dolphins fan?  That would seemingly be permissible under the auspices of the Dolphins wanting their fans at the stadium while also possibly in violation of the Dolphins' prohibition of excessive resales.

Would you be in favor of the Texans implementing a similar policy?  Or do you believe that once a team takes a person's money, it's that person's right to sell his or her tickets to whoever he or she chooses?

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