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Report: Matt Hasselbeck Upgraded To Probable; Should Start For Colts Against Texans

The dream match-up of T.J. Yates and Charlie Whitehurst is sadly no more. Rotoworld is reporting that Chuck Pagano upgraded Zombie Matt Hasselbeck from undead to probable, meaning Hasselbeck will start against your Houston Texans.

What could've been, Charlie.
What could've been, Charlie.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report to Rotoworld, which is normally solid outside of its fawning fanboi-ism of Pancakes, Chuck Pagano has upgraded Zombie Matt Hasselbeck from undead to probable.  The dreamy match-up of Charlie Whitehurst vs. T.J. Yates is, alas, no more.  From Rotoworld:

Matt Hasselbeck (ribs) is probable for Week 15 against the Texans. Coach Chuck Pagano confirmed.

Hasselbeck will get the start under center after leaving the previous two games with injuries. The 40-year-old is on the verge of breaking on the field, but the Colts don't have anywhere else to turn with Andrew Luck (kidney) still out. Hasselbeck isn't a fantasy option.

Rotoworld doesn't cite a specific source, so take this with a small grain of salt.  However, you had to figure Indy would do anything to keep Whitehurst off the field after last week's fiasco against the Glitter Kitties of Jacksonville.

In my never humble opinion, this is a pretty big blow against our chances to beat the Clots in Indy, but Hasselbeck has been performing poorly since the halcyon days of November.  Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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