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Ryan Mallett Works Out For Baltimore Ravens

The quarterback Texans fans once clamored for may be getting a shot at another NFL roster after Houston dumped him more than a month ago. Texans fans react on Battle Red Blog.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Just this morning on the drive into work, I was thinking how damning it was that no team had even brought Ryan Mallett in for a workout (or at the very least, that word of such a workout hadn't been made public), much less signed him, since the Texans cut him back in late October. That's no longer the case.

We've already devoted a fair amount of virtual ink to Mallett's travails and ultimate failure while in Houston, so no use rehashing it now. The Houston Texans have turned their season around; whether the fact that said turnaround began with Mallett's departure is proof of him being a problem or simply fortuitous is up for debate. Should he sign with the Ravens, best of luck to him.

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