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Houston Texans Injury News: T.J. Yates Tore ACL, Out For Season

Although an MRI will confirm the diagnosis tomorrow, it looks like the Houston Texans lost another quarterback. Nevertheless, Texans fans come to praise T.J. Yates, a player forever a part of Houston football lore.

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Amateur physicians that we are, many fans of the Houston Texans--particularly those who have suffered a torn ACL of their own--immediately assumed the worst when T.J. Yates crumpled in a heap without anyone touching him shortly before halftime of the Texans' first ever win in Indianapolis this afternoon. Sadly, it looks like several of us were in fact (accurately) practicing medicine without a license.

T.J. Yates was already a Houston icon thanks to his performance as a rookie in 2011...

...yet Yates added mightily to his legend in a little less than two months after being forced back into Houston's lineup two weeks after he was signed as a free agent in the wake of Ryan Mallett's untimely release. After Brian Hoyer was concussed in the midst of a Monday Night Football game in Cincinnati against the Bengals, Yates stepped in and managed to lead the Texans to an improbable win over the then-undefeated Bengals. Yates started again the following week against the Jets, again piloting the Texans to a win. Then, after Hoyer suffered a second concussion during Houston's loss to the Patriots last week, Yates was pressed into service again and started for what turned out to be yet another first in Texans' franchise history--today's victory over the Colts in Indianapolis.

Maybe Brian Hoyer will return to the Texans' lineup next week...

...or maybe Brandon Weeden will get the start against the Titans. Time will tell. No matter what happens from here on out, we have T.J. Yates to thank for our Houston Texans being in first place in the AFC South on December 20, 2015. Here's hoping we get the opportunity to see him in a Texans uniform again.

UPDATE: The MRI today confirmed the diagnosis of a torn ACL.

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