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BRB Fantasy Football Update: Picking Our Way To The Finish Line

As you know, we had one winner last week for a customized sponge bath from our resident fat panda. We're still competing for the second bath.

Pick me to win!!!!
Pick me to win!!!!
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

BRB's Survival Football is over, with McAggie as the victor.

However, we're still engrossed in our weekly Pick 'Em, with Week 16 beginning this evening. Currently HellAndDeath is in the lead, with a 118-101 record. There's a three-way tie in second place among Taking it Hoyer and Hoyer, RegulusArcturusBlack7, and do with a 117-102 record. Hard Knockers and Straight Cash Homie are currently sitting tied at fifth with a 116-103 record. Even if you're not amongst the leaders (I'm currently sitting 92-127...d@mn spread), you're still able to challenge to improve your current position, so don't lose heart.

Don't start celebrating too early to make your first pick this evening for the weekly TNF game.  Make a point of rolling yourselves away from the table, put down the adult beverages long enough this weekend , and get out of the shops to a place where you've got a strong enough signal to make your picks at least five minutes before each game.

As a reminder, our Pick 'Em is against the spread, (a fact that's killing me right now, blarph), so it's not enough to guess who's going to win; you have to guess whether the winning team will cover the spread, too. If you need help understanding that, feel free to ask around, and folks here that are clearly better at spread betting than I will gladly offer assistance.

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