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Thursday Night Football: San Diego Chargers v. Oakland Raiders

Tonight we have an AFC West division battle between the Chargers and Raiders. Watch the game and join the conversation right here on Battle Red Blog.

Have you been naughty or nice?  Both?
Have you been naughty or nice? Both?
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Both of these teams are essentially out of the running for postseason opportunities, but this is a division rivalry that will still bring good competition to the field tonight.

NFL's Return to Los Angeles?

While they clash violently on the gridiron, their owners could be working out agreements with the NFL to move both of these teams to Los Angeles in the near future.  If so, then they might share the same stadium in the same way that the New York Jets and New York Giants share MetLife Stadium.  Clouding things further is the fact that the St. Louis Rams are also working on a deal to return to L.A.

Charles Woodson

In other news related to these teams, Charles Woodson has announced that he will retire at the end of this season, so this will be his final home appearance.  What an amazing career he has had from Michigan and through the NFL. provided a story on Woodson that included the following:

One of the most versatile, talented and productive defensive backs in NFL history, Woodson was a three-time first-team All-Pro at cornerback for theRaiders and Green Bay Packers before successfully converting to safety in his twilight years.

After edging Peyton Manning out for the Heisman Trophy as a rare "two-way player" at the college level, the former Michigan star earned NFL Rookie of the Year honors as the defensive equivalent to fellow first-year phenom Randy Moss in 1998.

Woodson is one of the few players ever to play in a Pro Bowl in three different decades (1990s, 2000s, 2010s). He's a veritable lock to return for his ninth career trip after a stellar Indian summer season that includes five interceptions, an NFL-high three fumble recoveries and the Defensive Player of the Month award for October.

Prior to Week 5, Woodson lamented that he never intercepted a pass from Manning -- the player who was drafted three slots higher in 1998. The 39-year-old safety proceeded to pick off a pair of passes from the 39-year-old quarterback in a defining performance.

"It's been an incredible career man," Woodson said Monday night. "It goes beyond words. You know I never intended on playing as long as I have. But it's the way that it has happened."

Here is the comparison of the two teams from

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That's your preview for tonight's game.  The comments section is open, and the usual rules apply.

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