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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From Battle Red Blog

From all of us at BRB, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Could the Texans have actually gotten us a playoff game for Christmas this year?

Everyone should own this sweater.
Everyone should own this sweater.
Ryan Dunsmore

Don't look now, but your Houston Texans are on the verge of giving their fans a truly spectacular Christmas present. It's not official yet, so you can't technically unwrap it, but when you shake that package under the tree, it sure sounds a lot like a home playoff game at NRG Stadium.

We ain't had one of those for going on three years, so it'd be swell if the team came through for us in a season that can best be expressed in video format:

In addition to the countless other blessings life has handed you, I'd say the very real prospect of a winning record after starting 1-4 and the probability of postseason football for your Houston Texans is a phenomenal reason to take stock of all that's right with the world. From all of us here at BRB to all of you and your families, may the joy of the (post)season fill your heart.

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