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Week 16 Rooting Guide: Texans Can Still Clinch AFC South Even If The Colts Win

Houston can finally take the division crown for good as long as they get some help from the Jets and Bengals this weekend.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

After all of the drama, the pain, and the fourth quarter nail-biters, the Houston Texans have managed to fight their way back into first place in the AFC South. For the first time all season, Bill O’Brien’s crew can clinch a division championship if everything falls their way on Sunday. Let’s take a look at where the AFC South stands as of today.



Division Record

Conference Record

(1) Houston Texans




(2) Indianapolis Colts




(3) Jacksonville Jaguars




(4) Tennessee Titans




Houston at Tennessee

Who you should root for: Houston.

Why you should root for them: If Houston wins this week, all they need to clinch the division is a loss for the Colts.

Indianapolis at Miami

Who you should root for: Miami.

Why you should root for them: Like I said, in order for the Texans to clinch the division this week, they need the Dolphins to pull out a win over Indy.

Carolina at Atlanta

Who you should root for: Carolina.

Why you should root for them: A loss for the Falcons will weaken Indianapolis’ "strength of victory", which in turn will make it easier for Houston to clinch all tiebreaking procedures this Sunday and win the division.

New England at New York Jets

Who you should root for: New York.

Why you should root for them: A win for the Jets is a win for Houston’s strength of victory, so go Gang Green!

Jacksonville at New Orleans

Who you should root for: New Orleans.

Why you should root for them: Not only do the Saints have an opportunity to kick Houston’s division rival while they are down, but a win for them also helps out Houston’s strength of victory.

Cincinnati at Denver

Who you should root for: Cincinnati

Why you should root for them: As we pointed out weeks ago, this Week 16 bout between two of the AFC’s best teams doesn’t just determine who gets a first round bye in the playoffs, but it also might help decide who wins the South.

It’s put up or shut up time, ladies and gentlemen. As long as the Texans keep taking care of their own business, the franchise's third division title in history is well within reach.

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