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2015 Week Sixteen Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Titans game in Week Sixteen.

We find our heroes on the desert planet of Tatooine. J.J. Watt wandered the desert to find R2 unit. He stumbles upon Brandon Weeden's hut.

The R2 unit plays a hologram from Rick Smith:

"Brandon Weeden, I come to you at my dire hour. You helped Oklahoma State in the past. We need your help desperately against the rest of the NFL. We have no quarterbacks left on our roster. Brian Hoyer has a concussion, T.J. Yates tore up his knee and Ryan Mallett was a baby. Brandon Weeden, you're our only hope."

"We must travel to Tennessee," said Weeden. "We must face the team that killed your predecessor, J.J.

"The Oilers were once a great team.  Now they call themselves the Titans."

Now the graphic:


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