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BRB Fantasy Football Update: Goodbye To A Perfect Record

Afternoon, folks. Today's music is brought to you by Kenny Wayne Shepherd in honor of the fact that we no longer have any members batting 1.000. See who's where in BRB's fantasy leagues.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, we've got two fantasy football rackets going on here on BRB, Survival League and Pick 'Em, as well as a regular fantasy football league run by a member of the blog.

Until this past week, our Survival League had one participant with a perfect record, Straight Cash Homie. Well, SCH has joined the ranks of the mortals this week, as he/she guessed incorrectly once. We still have five members fighting for a sponge bath from our resident fat hirsute Ursidae, with Straight Cash Homie and Going with Hoyer God Help us both tied with one incorrect guess each.

Our Pick 'Em has two members tied atop the leader board at 95-77, No Punt Intended and Do. Congrats to you both and the rest of the competition as you battle for the right to be bathed by a hairy fat panda bear. I know BFD is working out what bath and massage oils the victor will get to enjoy, so don't forget to get your picks in at least five minutes before each game kicks off.

This is your spot where #everyonecaresaboutyourfantasyteam and where you can discuss strategies, questions, and options. Enjoy!

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