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2015 NFL Playoff Picture: How The Texans Can Face The Jets Or Chiefs In The Wild Card Round

With a playoff berth virtually guaranteed, our attention turns from the regular season to the postseason.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans are about the closest thing to a lock as you can possibly get to clinching the AFC South and the fourth seed in the AFC.

Thus, today’s rooting guide will instead focus on who to root for to get the 5th seed in the AFC. There are currently only three AFC teams with a mathematical possibility of securing a Wild Card berth, and only two of those teams have a possibility of playing against Houston in the first round – the Jets and the Chiefs. The Steelers can only make the playoffs as a 6th seed, which would put them in line to face the Bengals in the first round for the second year in a row. With all of that said, your rooting interests should come down to who you prefer to play against in two weeks--Kansas City or New York.

Chiefs get the 5th seed if:

1) KC win or

2) KC loss + NYJ loss

Jets get the 5th seed if:

1) NYJ win + KC loss

The Jets are on the road against Rex Ryan’s Bills this week, while the Chiefs play host to Derek Carr and the Raiders. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ll personally be rooting hard for a Chiefs-Texans rematch in Houston in the Wild Card round. These two teams are very, very different than the ones who met in Week One of this season, and I suspect that Bill O’Brien and company would love an opportunity to get some revenge for that embarrassment.

Who are you rooting for, BRB? Would you rather face an extremely hot Chiefs team riding a nine-game win streak, or an equally dangerous Jets club that can match up with any roster in the league? Sound off below.

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