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2014 NFL Draft Re-Do: Who Would The Houston Texans Take At No. 1 Overall Now?

The NFL is clearly not satisfied with what the Texans did in the 2014 draft, so yet again, they choose to re-work it for us. See who Lance Zierlein has Houston taking with the first overall pick. Is it still Jadeveon Clowney?

This guy at 1.1 in 2014? If Lance Z had his way, he'd be wearing our colors, hanging out with a fuzzy bull and not the black hole.
This guy at 1.1 in 2014? If Lance Z had his way, he'd be wearing our colors, hanging out with a fuzzy bull and not the black hole.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Even the most Battle Red Koolaid drinking fanatic here (plus the Comical and Facebook fans) knows that, so far, Jadeveon Clowney isn't the star of the 2014 NFL draft class. Clowney missed almost all of 2014 with a number of injuries, and was recently called a "rookie" by Romeo Crennel in a press conference due to how much time he missed. As a result of the amount of time Clowney's missed, the need to generate page hits, and the fact that the Texans continue to have a gaping hole where you want your franchise quarterback to be, every now and then the media likes to re-draft for us, inevitably with Rick Smith not selecting Clowney (I feel that once they finally re-draft and do select Clowney for us, we may finally be free of the national narrative that surrounds him).

This past March, Bucky Brooks jettisoned Clowney in favor of Teddy Bridgewater, recognizing that Teddy had a pretty decent rookie season, despite the chaos that occurred with the Vikings in 2014. In Brooks' draft, Clowney goes sixth to the Falcons, in place of Jake Matthews, who was rushed into service and suffered an ankle injury last season that caused him to struggle.

Not content to beat the dead horse, the folks have moved on to beating dead cows now. Lance Zierlein has crafted his own re-do of the 2014 NFL Draft, and he has passed over Clowney in favor of Derek Carr, who may prove to be the QB of that class. Zierlein sends Clowney to the Titans, in place of everyone's favorite upstanding young man, Taylor Lewan.

While I share the sentiment of many Texans fans that the draft is over, can't be re-done, and all these articles about mythical re-drafts are useless time-wasters, I understand the frustration that causes some fans to argue who their team should have selected instead. I'm just waiting for Skip Useless to issue his re-draft, in which he has Clowney not even going in the first round. It's coming, I'm sure.

With that, what do you think about the options? Would Carr be a better fit for our current needs than Clowney? Carr's got the "possibly future QB" thing going for him, and without a QB, you're not going anywhere in the modern NFL, but Clowney is developing, and if O'Brien decided he wasn't enamored of Carr, then there would have been no benefit to drafting him.

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