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Sunday Late Games Thread: Cam's Trying to Remain Perfect, Tom's Trying to Kill Eagles

Afternoon, all. We've just watched the Texans take on the Bills in Buffalo, and shall now proceed to drink throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Nothing but love for you, homie. Two of the best QBs playing today.
Nothing but love for you, homie. Two of the best QBs playing today.
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has four matchups on offer this afternoon, each of which has its own particular storyline.

In Oakland, the Raiders are welcoming the Chiefs in an AFC West competition. Right now, the Chiefs, at 6-5, sit second in the division behind the Broncos, with the Raiders, at 5-6 sitting 3rd ahead of the hapless Chargers. At this point, the only folks who would be watching this game are the teams' fans and those who want to see how Derek Carr is developing.

Brock Osweiler is taking the Broncos down to San Diego to face Philip Rivers and the Chargers. This contest between the best and the worst the AFC West has to offer should show something about whether Peyton Manning should get his job back this season and whether John Elway should extend Osweiler when his contract is up.

The Eagles are traveling north to Foxboro to take on the no-longer-perfect Patriots. Tom Brady should be suitably angry after last week's loss to the Broncos and looks to continue his revenge tour at home. The Eagles, at 4-7, are 3rd in the NFC Least ahead of only the lowly Cowboys, while the Patriots, at 10-1 are still atop the AFC East.

The last remaining unbeaten team in the NFL, the Panthers, are in New Orleans to take on the Saints this week. This NFC South matchup has the best (11-0) against the worst (4-7) the division has to offer. Cam Newton and Drew Brees should make this somewhat interesting, as should the defenses.

There you are. This afternoon's four choice games. Discuss to your heart's content. When the Texans' post-game thread is posted, it'll be linked in here.

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