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Bill Belichick: J.J. Watt "In Same Conversation With Lawrence Taylor" For Defensive Excellence

When the head coach of the New England Patriots and former defensive coordinator of the New York Giants talks about NFL history, we listen. Has J.J. Watt already catapulted himself into the debate about who the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL is?

Lawrence Taylor couldn't pull that hat off.
Lawrence Taylor couldn't pull that hat off.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Bill Belichick had a conference call with the media in connection with the Patriots' upcoming Sunday Night Football tilt with the Houston Texans.  As you might expect, J.J. Watt's name came up. While Watt is widely accepted as the best defensive player in the NFL today, Belichick took things a step further, mentioning the Texans' defensive end in the same breath as the last defensive player to win the NFL MVP, who Belichick just so happened to coach. From Aaron Wilson's story:

"Watt’s a major force, there are very few players I would put in same conversation with Lawrence Taylor, I would put J.J. in there," said Belichick, adding that Watt is Most Valuable Player-worthy and joked that he wished Watt would take the week off during a Wednesday morning conference call with Houston reporters. "He’s a dynamic player. He can ruin a game. He’s a special player. He was the defensive MVP last year. He’s already earned that award this year even if he didn’t play the last four games. This might be a good game for him to rest."

As you'd imagine, Giants fans have an opinion on the matter. To their credit, many of them don't summarily dismiss Belichick's analysis despite their affinity for Taylor. What say you, BRB? Has J.J. Watt, in less than five full NFL seasons, already proven himself to be one of the all-time greats?

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