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Who Is The Most Underrated Player On The Houston Texans?

With the NFL offseason comes plenty of time to ask the big questions in life. If they happen to generate content and discussion on this Houston Texans fan site, all the better!

I reckon this would not be Bill O'Brien's answer.
I reckon this would not be Bill O'Brien's answer.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The long slog of the NFL offseason means you're likely to see a lot of posts here on BRB that simply open the floor to discussion with a simple question. This particularly brutal time before the NFL Combine, before free agency opens, and before the 2015 NFL Draft means you're going to see one such question at this very moment.

To that end, gentle reader, I ask you: In your humble opinion, which member of the 2014 Houston Texans is the most underrated player on the roster?

Sound off and justify your position in the Comments below.