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J.J. Watt Frightens Bears In The Latest Edition Of "The Draw Play"

David Rappoccio's uber-popular comic strip has a couple of familiar faces.

J.J. Watt buying a log cabin and training during the offseason is certain to be the inspiration of the next Michael Bay summer explo-rgy blockbuster. In the meantime, David Rappoccio has made it the subject of his highly popular football comic strip.  Check it out.

Says Rappoccio:

J.J. Watt told everyone recently he was going to move into the woods in the middle of nowhere to train. He’s decided to Rocky it, and considering he was already the unanimous Defensive Player of the year, the only thing this can lead to is total offensive line devastation. All I can picture now is J.J. Watt lifting heavy logs and eating deer alive in the middle of the wilderness.

I went through so many drafts of this comic because I had about 10 ideas and didn’t know what to settle on. I might have to revisit this scenario of JJ Watt in the wild as this off-season goes on as I think I have have some fun here.

Can we get a photoshoot of J.J. Watt staring down a bear in the style of Arian Foster posing with a unicorn, please? Make it happen, GQ. Check out Rappoccio's other great work here.