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Houston Texans Not Changing Pallet System On Field After All?

The Texans are still sticking with their infamous grass pallet system instead of switching to field turf next season. This is your cue to express outrage.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

A few different unofficial outlets have been reporting recently that the Houston Texans intend to do away with their well-known death trap grass pallet system that makes up the field. John McClain, however, is reporting quite the opposite.

Texans fans should be used to having the rug pulled out from under them by now, but many would argue that not changing the field is more of a betrayal to the players and the rest of the league than anyone else. Sure, let’s all just ignore the fact that this dangerous pallet system has ruptured DeMeco Ryans’ Achilles tendon twice, blown out Wes Welker’s knee, tore Von Miller’s ACL, ended Brett Hartmann’s career, and possibly stole Jadeveon Clowney’s rookie season. Clearly that was just blind misfortune and not a massive engineering and safety oversight.

Yeah…let’s all just continue pretending. It’s not like anything is going to change anyway.