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Saturday Night's Alright For Commenting: February 14, 2015

If there's a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than chatting on a Houston Texans blog, I haven't found it yet. If your significant other disagrees with that statement, break up with him or her posthaste, and then join Battle Red Blog's Saturday Night Open Thread.

I'm sorry but I'm still searching for the right picture to use.
I'm sorry but I'm still searching for the right picture to use.
Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Valentine's Day, Texans fans. If only all Hallmark holidays had such a rich origin tale, right? Arbor Day just doesn't have the same panache.

"Holiday" aside, it's another fabulous Saturday evening in Houston, Texas, which necessarily means it's time for another S.N.O.T. on Battle Red Blog.  If you're not familiar with this institution, the idea is for you to talk about whatever's on your mind (within community guidelines, of course). Whether it's related to the Houston Texans or not, it's fair game on a Saturday night at BRB.

Speaking of things that have nothing to do with the Texans, I learned of the existence and music of Sturgill Simpson last week, and I've been playing his two records on more or less an endless loop since then. Here's one of his songs:

He also covered When In Rome's "The Promise," which I very clearly remember being a song that woke me up many a morning on the ol' clock radio back in the fourth grade. If you want to compare interpretations of that timeless anthem, click here and here.

Enough about my musical tastes. This is where you step in.  Share what's going on in your world these days, including but not limited to any bragging or lamenting how your Valentine's Day has gone.  With the request that you use your good judgment in what you post for public consumption, the S.N.O.T. is now open for business.