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The Houston Texans' Mount Rushmore

It's Presidents' Day, so why not decide who would be etched into stone as one of the Texans' all-time greats?

Yes, it's Presidents' Day, a day normally marked as a random day at home from work or school. It was once George Washington's birthday, and it is the day that we reflect upon the men that have lead this great nation. One of the many ways that our presidents have been immortalized can be seen in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Mount Rushmore depicts George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln on its face, forever carved into the stone.

As this is BRB, and we've got nothing better to do, we started thinking about who would be on the Texans' Mount Rushmore. There are three clear choices: Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and J.J. Watt.

Johnson has played 12 seasons with the Texans, recording 13,597 receiving yards and 64 touchdowns on 1,012 receptions. 'Dre has been a 7-time Pro Bowler, 2-time First Team All-Pro, and 5-time Team Most Valuable Player. Frankly, Johnson deserves a monument all his own, but for these purposes, he is the first face on the mountain.

Arian Foster has been the Texans' workhorse for six seasons, posting 6,309 rushing yards and 53 touchdowns on 1,391 rushing attempts. Foster accounts for an additional 2,041 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns on 227 receptions. The renaissance man has been the maestro that made the Texans' zone-blocking scheme work on the way to being named to the Pro Bowl four times, a 2-time First Team All-Pro, and the 2010 rushing champion.

Before J.J. Watt is done with football, he may be put on the All-Time Mount Rushmore for the NFL. Watt has taken the league by storm after his rookie season in 2011, making the Pro Bowl and First Team All-Pro three years running, as well as winning Defensive Player of the Year twice. Watt finished second in the Most Valuable Player voting in 2014, becoming the first player in NFL history to record two seasons with at least 20 sacks.

But who gets that final spot?  The candidates:

Bob McNair: McNair brought back football to Houston in 2002 after six years wandering the desert, and he's been the standard for NFL owners during his ten-plus years in the league.

DeMeco Ryans: Cap'n 'Meco was drafted by the Texans in 2006 and quickly became the captain of the Texans' defense. The middle linebacker recorded 479 tackles in 86 games with the Texans before being traded to the Eagles in 2012.

Matt Schaub: The best quarterback in franchise history (probably says something about the Texans), Schaub threw for 23,221 passing yards and 124 touchdowns over seven seasons with the Texans. Unfortunately, decision-making and interceptions hampered Schaub in his final years in Houston, but he was an excellent QB for the team on balance during his time here.

David Carr: The Texans' first draft pick in 2002, Carr was the sacrificial lamb for an expansion franchise. Carr spent much of his time on his back or scrambling for his life. He threw for 13,391 passing yards and 59 touchdowns over five seasons with the Texans.

Tony Boselli: The original Texan, Boselli was the first overall selection of the Texans in the 2002 expansion draft. Boselli was unable to ever play for the Texans due to injury and retired before the 2003 season.

Mario Williams: Mary O'Williams was the first overall selection in the 2006 NFL Draft, and he played six seasons in Houston. Williams recorded 53 sacks and 11 forced fumbles during his six seasons in Houston

And now it's your turn! Vote for who you would add to the Texans' Mount Rushmore. We'll update the graphic this coming week after voting is closed.