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What Might Have Been: Mel Kiper's NFL Mock Drafts From 2010-2014

Jimmy Kempski actually went back and looked at every first round pick Mel Kiper projected in his final mock draft before the actual NFL Draft over the last five years. Be amazed (and thankful, if you're a Texans fan) at how wrong he was.

Shooters shoot.
Shooters shoot.
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

When Mel Kiper comes out with a new mock draft, we invariably link to it or post about it. They're virtually guaranteed to start a discussion within the community. But how accurate are they?

Jimmy Kempski of the Philly Voice took the time to actually examine each of Mel Kiper's final mock drafts for the last five years. Mock drafts are little more than guesses of varying degrees, so it's not surprising that Mel got way, way, WAY more wrong than he did right. As it pertains to your Houston Texans, Kiper nailed precisely zero of their last five (5) first round draft picks.

To wit, if Kiper was right, the Texans would have drafted the following players in the first round instead of the guys listed after them in parentheses; you know, the guys who the Texans actually took:

2010: Brian Price (Kareem Jackson)
2011: Aldon Smith (J.J. Watt)
2012: Mohamed Sanu (Whitney Mercilus)
2013: Keenan Allen (DeAndre Hopkins)
2014: Johnny Manziel (Jadeveon Clowney)

Imagine, if you will, how different the 2015 Houston Texans would look if they had drafted Brian Price, Aldon Smith, Mohamed Sanu, Keenan Allen, and Johnny Manziel.

Then go read another mock draft, you sicko.