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Josh McCown Signs With Cleveland Browns; Talk Of Brian Hoyer To Texans Follows

With Josh McCown's decision to become a Brown, the talk of a rendezvous between Brian Hoyer and Bill O'Brien in Houston has gotten loud again. But what's the realistic chance it happens?

Could Brian Hoyer be trading brown and orange in for liberty white, steel blue, and battle red?
Could Brian Hoyer be trading brown and orange in for liberty white, steel blue, and battle red?
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McCown, believed to be a target of your Houston Texans in free agency a year ago, signed a three-year deal with the Cleveland Browns today. This has naturally led to renewed talk that the Texans could pursue Brian Hoyer this offseason.

Recall that Adam Schefter reported back in November that Bill O'Brien and Hoyer were interested in reuniting, writing:

...Hoyer and O'Brien worked together in the past and they have an interest in doing the same in the future, league sources said.

Hoyer trusts O'Brien as much as any coach in the league from their time together in New England, sources said, and he would welcome a reunion.

Note that Schefter's report predated (1) Ryan Mallett's debut as Houston's starting quarterback and (2) Ian Rapoport's report that the Texans informed Mallett they want him back in 2015.

My guess? Hoyer is an option for the Texans if Mallett departs in free agency; he should be, as Mallett's departure would leave Houston with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tom Savage as the only QBs under contract in 2015 and the Texans are unlikely to be in a position to draft a starter come the NFL Draft.  Even if Mallett does re-sign with the Texans, Hoyer could still be an option for Houston if the Texans deem him comparable to and cheaper than Ryan Fitzpatrick. But to think that Josh McCown's signing with Cleveland means that Brian Hoyer's likely landing spot is NRG Park? That's a bridge too far.

My money is still on Ryan Mallett re-upping with Houston, serving as the Texans' QB in 2015, and Brian Hoyer plying his trade elsewhere. What say you?