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2016 Super Bowl: What Are The Odds The Houston Texans Are In It?

It's never to early to ask that question. Thankfully, Las Vegas has the answer for the Texans and the 31 other NFL teams.

No more Roman numerals.
No more Roman numerals.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL and its fans close the book on the 2014 season, a voracious consuming public immediately begins making eyes at the 2015 NFL season and the 2016 Super Bowl. At least one sportsbook in Las Vegas has already published its odds of each team making it to San Francisco Santa Clara for the Super Bowl next year. Before you click on that link, take a guess at (1) the Texans' odds and (2) where the Texans stack up in relation to the other 31 teams in the league.

How'd you do?

Surprised that the Texans are 30-1 odds to be the AFC's representative in Super Bowl 50?  As compared to the rest of the NFL, do you think Houston is listed where it should be? Issues with any of the teams listed ahead of the Texans? React in the Comments.