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Check Out The Arian Foster-Inspired Short Film "Where We Dwell" By Kid Guy Collective

Someone's art inspired more art, and it's most definitely the coolest thing you'll see today.

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Arian Foster: "Where We Dwell" from Todd Martin on Vimeo.

Arian Foster, one part running back, one part warrior poet, two parts awesome, had a poem he wrote made into a short film. Co-director Todd Martin was "deeply inspired" by Foster's words and it led to this very powerful short film that tells the story of what motivates athletes everywhere. Says Martin:

"Their stories are paralleled by athletes everywhere, who know that though adversity arises, it can always be conquered. Triumph may offer respite and pave the road ahead, but true athletes believe it is the courage to continue that counts."

By Arian Foster
When minds are at war with hearts,
And light is at war with dark,
This is where glory dwells,
Where warriors whisper hymns,

Of blood lost in vain,
Where time twists and bends,
And echoes all our names,
Here is where diamonds dwell,

Polished in dust.
From swamps to stars, we dreamed far,
They called it far-fetched, we called it ours.
We called them lessons, they called them scars,

They call it blessings, this work was hard,
That is where we dwell.
The past worn as cape, memory as armor,
The karma we bring, sings truth to the soul,

Like kings mingling with pawns, or soup in my bowl.
We came from golden slums, and makeshift drums,
But our music made the spaceships come,
Navigate our thoughts and sever our tongues
Unbound by men, FOREVER WE RUN…