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2015 NFL Free Agency: Houston Texans Have Competition For Ryan Mallett's Services?

The Houston Texans have reportedly said they want Ryan Mallett back, but a report today says they may not be alone in their pursuit of the former New England backup quarterback.

Trading in blue for green?
Trading in blue for green?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Back in late November, immediately after Ryan Mallett's lone season in Houston ended in surgery and with Mallett set to become an unrestricted free agent, the Texans reportedly informed Mallett that they wanted him back in 2015. With demand for starting NFL quarterbacks outdistancing the supply of same, even with Ryan Mallett being far from a known quanity, it stood to reason that the Texans wouldn't be alone in their pursuit of Mallett.

A report out of New York says that the Jets, perhaps thanks in some part to their new general manager's history with the Texans, could target Ryan Mallett in free agency this offseason. The Jets' QB situation is far from settled, and new head coach Todd Bowles may find Mallett to be a more appealing option than Geno Smith or whoever else is available.

While Mallett's familiarity with the Texans' offense and the clear opportunity to start in Houston would seem to give the hometown team an edge in retaining him, it's hard to fathom that Mallett, coming off his rookie deal, would leave money on the table to stay. If the dollars offered by the Texans and the rest of the market are comparable, sure; the chances of Mallett staying would strike me as very good. But if the Jets or some other team threw significantly more guaranteed money at Mallett? That's a different story entirely. Of course, the question of what constitutes "significantly more guaranteed money" is in the eye of the beholder.

Do you think Ryan Mallett is the Texans' starting QB come Week One of the 2015 regular season? Or do you think some other team will sign him to a contract the Texans choose not to match or exceed?