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Does J.J. Watt's 80-Yard Touchdown Return Define The Texans' 2014 Season?

USA Today has come up with a season-defining moment for each NFL team this year. Do you agree with what they chose for the Texans?

Get off my lawn, hippy.
Get off my lawn, hippy.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This nice little piece from USA Today aims to find one play from each NFL team that defined their season. The play they chose for the Texans might be right on the money.

Houston Texans: J.J. Watt’s renaissance-man act for the Texans was often a feat of necessity. Never was the unanimous Defensive Player of the Year’s ability more apparent than in a 23-17 win over the Bills in Week 4. His 80-yard interception return for a touchdown inspired belief that he could carry the Texans to the playoffs, though deficiencies elsewhere on defense and at quarterback held Houston back.

The play referenced should already be permanently etched into your genetic memory (alongside a whole gallery of J.J. Watt's plays) so that your children's children will know about his greatness at birth, but you can check it out down below.

So is this the singular moment that defines the Texans' 2014 campaign? I am thinking so, and here's why:

  1. The Texans were down at the time... as they often were during the season.
  2. The defense was keeping the score close... as it often did during the season.
  3. It was a J.J. Watt contribution that was a major determining factor to the victory... as his often were during the season.

The whole reason we were so convinced that J.J. Watt was MVP-worthy was because of how timely his biggest moments seemed to be. Whenever they needed him the most, Watt delivered more often than not. Against what most of us considered a lesser opponent, Watt seized control of the game with this play. Like he's done some many times in his career already, Watt put the game on his shoulders and flat-out won that game against the Bills.

But as good as he was last season, Watt couldn't do it every game. It's highly likely that the Bills beat the Texans without Watt doing what he did, and that's why it was so representative of the Texans' season overall. Like the writer said, Watt's heroics were often out of pure necessity. If the Texans wanted to win a game, it had to be because of something Watt did.

Simply put, the Texans must do something to shrink the contribution deficit between Watt and everyone else on the roster.

What do you think? Do you agree with the choice? Have one in particular you want to discuss? Sound off below.