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J.J. Watt High School Highlights Video

The first-ever unanimous NFL Defensive Player of the Year was giving quarterbacks plenty of nightmares back in high school. Check out this newly released video.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Wearing #9 in high school, J.J. Watt lined up all over the defensive line and blew up one play after another with passes batted down, tackles for a loss and quarterback sacks.  He also caught several passes as a tight end on offense.  Houston Texans fans are all too familiar with him doing this in the NFL; clearly his elite talent started at an early age.

MaxPreps said:

A multi-sport athlete at Pewaukee (Wis.), Watt played football, basketball, baseball and track at the suburban Milwaukee school with an enrollment of fewer than 800 students.

The 6-foot-6, 230-pound Watt played his high school career prior to the ubiquity of YouTube and Hudl highlight films. He was a two-star recruit at a medium-sized school, in a state that does not churn out many Division I recruits.

After signing with Central Michigan, transferring to Wisconsin, and getting drafted by the Texans, Watt is now the best defensive football player — maybe the best football player, period — on the planet.

He also played hockey and almost considered following that path for a future career.  I'm sure glad that didn't happen!  The NFL is a better place because J.J. Watt helps to balance out all the negative press that regularly plagues the league.  The Texans are a better team and Houston is a better city with our friendly neighborhood JuggerWatt here to lead us through the dark times in search of a championship.

Enjoy this highlight video from MaxPreps to kick off your weekend.

Happy Saturday!!