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2015 NFL Free Agency/Houston Texans Rumor Tracker (Part V): Free Agency Starts At 3 P.M. CDT

After a wild three days of permitted tampering, NFL teams can officially sign free agents, beginning this afternoon. Talk about all the reports, rumors, and wish lists for the Houston Texans and any other team in Battle Red Blog's fifth open thread for the occasion.

Will Brian Hoyer become a Texan today?
Will Brian Hoyer become a Texan today?
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

While the Houston Texans likely got most of their major transactions (or at least the news about said transactions) out of the way in the last couple of days by virtue of Derek Newton re-signing, Kareem Jackson re-signing, Ryan Mallett re-signing, and Andre Johnson getting cut, the matter of whether Brian Hoyer will in fact sign with the Texans when free agency officially begins at 3 p.m. CDT today remains. The New York Jets had not gone gently into that good night as of yesterday, so Hoyer may still decide to head to Jersey to battlefight Geno Smith instead of Houston, where Ryan Mallett awaits.

As we wait for Hoyer to choose his own adventure, discuss that, any other Texans news or rumors, or anything else NFL free agency related in the Comments below. This is your fifth open thread for 2015 NFL free agency on BRB.