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Report: Andre Johnson On Jim Irsay's Private Jet to Indianapolis, Will Join Frank Gore On Colts

Come on, really? Anyone but them. Check out why the greatest player in franchise history may sign with the Texans' division rival.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As if you needed any more reasons to hate that Andre Johnson is no longer a Texan, the greatest player in franchise history may be on his way to becoming a Colt.

Frank Gore and Andre Johnson go way back as teammates, having both been Miami Hurricanes in the early 2000s, and it seems that the two want to link back up for a contending franchise to chase a ring. I had already decided that should the GOAT choose a contender next year I would root for him to finally get a ring, but now what the hell are Texans fans supposed to do? Root for the Colts? NOT root for Andre Johnson?

This an impossible choice that I no longer want any part of. Houston has only option for a response – sign Reggie Wayne and make Colts fans hurt just as much as us. It’s the only way to numb the pain.