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2015 Houston Texans Free Agent Tracker: Brian Hoyer Signing With Houston Texans Not A Done Deal?

The free agent quarterback's agent says his client is going to visit Houston before he makes any decisions as to where he'll sign. Check out BRB for more details.

Settle down.
Settle down.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Contrary to earlier reports, Brian Hoyer's agent has told Pro Football Talk that Brian Hoyer signing with the Texans is not quite a done deal. Mike Florio writes:

Agent Joe Linta tells PFT that Hoyer wants to gather more information before making a final decision. Although the three-day negotiating window prohibits teams from arranging visits with players until the official start of free agency, Hoyer intends at the appropriate time to arrange a visit to Houston.

He wants to meet with the coaches and visit the area. If all goes well, an effort will be made to move forward.

Making the decision even more important to Hoyer is the fact that he has a wife and two young children. He wants to get information about local schools and potential residential options before making any final decisions.

It's fair to question the legitimacy of this report. Linta may simply be trying to squeeze additional dollars out of the Texans. Or perhaps he's trying to get the Jets to sweeten their offer.

Or, maybe, just maybe, a player is actually going to take the time to truly research the city he's agreeing to move his family to before he commits to uprooting said family via an employment contract.