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2015 Houston Texans Free Agent Tracker: Brian Hoyer Has Landed In Houston, Confirms He Has Not Signed With Texans

The free agent quarterback is in Houston, but he hasn't signed a contract with the Texans yet. See what Brian Hoyer had to say when he was interviewed at the airport.

In Houston and ready to sign?
In Houston and ready to sign?
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps Brian Hoyer's agent was shooting us straight. The free agent quarterback, late of the Cleveland Browns, landed in Houston tonight with his wife and informed FOX 26's Mark Berman that he has not yet agreed to sign with the Houston Texans. Berman had the following from Hoyer:

"There's rules put in place by the NFL," Hoyer said in an interview with FOX26 Sports and the Houston Chronicle. "So you can only do so much. Your agent handles it. Now that it's past the deadline, I'm here getting a chance to meet with these guys and go forward."

Hoyer said visiting Houston with his wife plays a big role in his decision.

"I think through this process you want to collect as much information as possible," Hoyer said. "For me being married and having two little kids, to come down, see the area. I've only been to Houston twice. One time was when I was with the Patriots and we were playing against the Texans. The other time was for the East-West Shrine Game. To come down and get as much information about football and non-football and then go forward."

Hoyer would love to play for O'Brien again.

"It would be awesome," Hoyer said. "I credit Billy for getting me to where I am at this point. The couple of years I spent with him I really learned a lot about being a quarterback, learning offenses, reading defenses, etc. Obviously, that has a big influence my decision."

"The best years of football I have are ahead of me," Hoyer said. "I finally got a chance to play last year and had some good moments, and obviously some that didn't work out so good. I'm looking forward to continuing my football career, wherever that might be, and hopefully it's here in Houston."

Sounds to me like Brian Hoyer wants to be a Texan and is simply making sure his wife is on board.  Smart man.  I would wager a deal gets announced in the next day or two.