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2015 NFL Free Agency/Houston Texans Rumor Tracker (Part VI): Following Up On A Historic Day

Free Agency officially opened up yesterday, and we saw a huge opening volley of signings, trades and even surprise retirements. Can Wednesday follow up that act? Follow the action here on Battle Red Blog

Speedster Matt Schaub leaves Vince Wilfork eating his dust.
Speedster Matt Schaub leaves Vince Wilfork eating his dust.
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Brian Hoyer saga should wrap up sometime today, I'm guessing. For the life of me, I can't figure out why the Texans are pursuing him so fervently, but BOB wants what BOB wants.

Meanwhile, the Case Keenum saga ended (for now) in Houston with his trade back to the St. Louis Rams. A seventh round pick is a decent get for an undrafted kid. The Texans acquired Derek Newton with a seventh, by the way, so I expect nothing less than a future starter with this pick, Rick Smith! Check out T-Bones' lamentations on this subject here.  He's been BRB's biggest Keenum Truther since the beginning.

Once burned, twice shy; a Vince Wilfork signing screams to me another Ed Reed fiasco. If the Texans do land this boulder of a man, they better have done their due diligence and then some. I'm talking full cavity searches, people.

Feel free to discuss these latest developments while we wait for more news to spring up from the braintrust over at NRG Stadium.  Happy Wednesday.