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Cut By Houston Texans, Andre Johnson Signs With Indianapolis Colts

The AFC South rivalry between Houston and Indy just got more interesting. The greatest player in Texans history has decided to join the Indianapolis Colts. Texans fans react.

"Come back to me, 'Dre"
"Come back to me, 'Dre"
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

If there wasn't enough reason to hate Colts' owner Jim Irsay, now you can add the fact that he will adorn the greatest Houston Texans player in history with a blue horseshoe-festooned uniform.

After spending a Hall-of-Fame-worthy dozen years in Houston, Andre Johnson is extending his NFL career with a division opponent in the same manner that Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Marcus Allen and many others did before retirement.  This won't be easy for Texans fans to endure at least twice in 2015, but we'll have to manage somehow.  Let's just hope we can find some safety talent to limit what could be a devastating airshow of T.Y. Hilton and 'Dre hauling in multiple touchdowns from Andrew Luck.

Andre Johnson is now reunited with coach Chuck Pagano, the man who once recruited him to The University of Miami.  He also reunites with former teammate from Miami's national championship team of 2001, running back Frank Gore.

This news is worse than when we heard 'Dre had been officially cut from the team!  Excuse me while I go throw up.

UPDATE: The terms of 'Dre's new deal with the Colts:

UPDATE II: Andre Johnson's decision to sign with the Colts was not totally motivated by money: