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2015 NFL Free Agency/Houston Texans Rumor Tracker (Part VIII): Who Will Join Rahim Moore?

While the flurry of free agent signings may have slowed to a trickle, there's still plenty to speculate and visit about. Talk reports, rumors, and wish lists for the Houston Texans and any other team in Battle Red Blog's eighth open thread for NFL free agency in 2015.

Does Rahim Moore's arrival foretell K-Lew's exit?
Does Rahim Moore's arrival foretell K-Lew's exit?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Although the fire hose of NFL free agent news may have been turned down to a relative trickle, a number of helpful free agents remain on the market.

Fortunately for your Houston Texans, Rahim Moore isn't one of them. The Texans signed themselves a young free safety to a team-friendly contract. What will they do to follow that coup up? Vince Wilfork? Kendrick Lewis? Brett Favre? The possibilities are endless.

Chat about Texans news, rumors, or anything else NFL free agency related in the Comments below. This is your eighth open thread for 2015 NFL free agency on BRB.