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2015 NFL Free Agency:Teams' Actions Illustrated By Movie Titles

The first week of the 2015 game of NFL musical chairs, otherwise known as free agency, has provided some interesting moves for several teams. A few NFL clubs clearly manifested a likeness to popular movie themes.

"It's good to be the king!"
"It's good to be the king!"
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As this week of free agency marched on, many of us took note of a certain recognizable pattern of what teams were trying to accomplish with their plans to build their 2015 rosters.  Some teams were absolute winners, some appear to be losers, and some are still swirling in a fog of chaos and confusion at this point.

The actions by many clubs reminded me of themes from popular movies.  I mentioned this in an email that bounced around with the members of The Masthead, and we thought it might make an entertaining article for this Friday at the end of a tumultuous and emotional week.

For example, the Colts are signing older veterans like Andre Johnson and Frank Gore in what may be a last ditch effort to "win now."  This made me think of the movies: "Cocoon, " "Grumpy Old Men," "Gran Torino," "No Country for Old Men," and so on.

In stark contrast, the Texans are purging most of the older players from the roster and heading toward a much younger team.  I instantly thought of "Logan's Run," where in the future utopia of the year 2274, all citizens get scheduled to be systematically vaporized upon reaching the age of 30.

In no particular order, here are some examples that were kicked around for amusement:

  • Texans: "Logan's Run"
  • Colts: "Cocoon"
  • 49ers: "Titanic"
  • Dolphins: "Wolf of Wall Street"
  • Saints: "Repo Man"
  • Broncos: "War Horse" (Kubiak's return)
  • Raiders: "Brewster's Millions"
  • Rams: "Heist"

This list is just to prime the pump for you to take things forward from here; by no means does it limit the teams listed above to just these references.  I'm certain multiple movies can represent any team in the NFL, and I'm willing to bet you have a few more for the Texans and Colts.  Please feel free to share with us your creative adaptation of movie themes to the personalities some NFL teams have projected in this wild week of free agency.

The floor is yours!