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Andre Johnson Thanks Houston Texans, Bob McNair, City, And Fans In Full Page Ad

He's a Colt now, but Andre Johnson is going to make sure Houston knows he appreciates everyone for his 12 years here. Check out the ad he's going to take out in the Houston Chronicle.

No hard feelings.  Right?
No hard feelings. Right?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In similar fashion to what Gary Kubiak did when he was fired as head coach of the Houston Texans in December of 2013, Andre Johnson will take out a full page in Sunday's Houston Chronicle to thank the City of Houston, the organization, and the fans for their support during his twelve years here. Here's the ad.

'Dre may have chosen to sign with the Colts, thus upsetting many of those same fans he's thanking now, but it's still refreshing to see him take the time, effort, and money to express his appreciation for those who appreciated him since 2003.