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Check Out This Video Spoofing The Houston Texans And Hit Show "House Of Cards"

We should all hope that Bill O'Brien is even half as cunning as Frank Underwood.

That gave me shivers. If you haven't yet watched Kevin Spacey in House of Cards on Netflix, you're doing yourself a disservice. He plays Frank Underwood, a South Carolina congressman on a quest for power. His genius-tier cunning and complex machinations and manipulations while getting said power make it one of the best shows out there -- on par with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

The video, created by Matt Skopak, opens with Andre Johnson's semi-controversial departure from the Texans and definitely-controversial decision to join the rival Colts. In the show, Underwood deals with any perceived slight or betrayal rather swiftly and coldly. While I certainly don't want Andre disappeared into some government black site, I do hope Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith have a master plan to deal with the hole he left in the roster... and in our hearts.

Enjoy the video and maybe give Skopak a shout on his channel to encourage him to make more.