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2015 Houston Texans Free Agency News: Vince Wilfork Visiting Texans

The Houston Texans' flirtation with free agent nose tackle Vince Wilfork has brought Wilfork to Houston. How long is he planning on staying? Should the Texans be interested, especially after being stung by Ed Reed?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans' interest in adding Vince Wilfork to the roster, and Wilfork's willingness to explore the possibility of that happening, is serious enough that that the big man was in Houston today and will apparently be staying in town for a couple of days. John McClain reports:

Former New England nose tackle Vince Wilfork is in Houston visiting with the Texans.

Wilfork (33) and his wife, Bianca, arrived on Sunday and, along with Houston-based agent Kennard McGuire, met with the Texans.

The Wilforks will be visiting again Monday.

The Texans have been pursuing Wilfork, who’s entering his 12th season, since the Patriots released him.

The Texans are one of several teams interested in Wilfork, according to McGuire.

While it's fair to be skeptical about signing a 33 year old free agent, and it's fair to be skeptical about Wilfork leaving New England (assuming the Patriots want him back, which may not be the case after they re-signed Alan Branch), the Texans currently have one nose tackle--Louis Nix--under contract for the 2015 season. Ryan Pickett played very well after he was signed in the midst of the regular season last year, but Pickett may choose to call it a career. Plus, as admirably as Pickett performed, the thought of Vince Wilfork clogging the middle for the Texans, even at 33 years old, could qualify as a sizable upgrade in the minds of Bill O'Brien and Romeo Crennel.

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