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Terms Of Vince Wilfork's Contract With Houston Texans Released

See exactly how much money the Houston Texans agreed to pay the former New England Patriots nose tackle today.

Reasonable money for a mountain of a man, right?
Reasonable money for a mountain of a man, right?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We knew that Vince Wilfork agreed to a two-year deal to join the Houston Texans. We didn't know how much total and/or guaranteed money the contract was worth. Until now.

Hard to find too much fault with that. The Texans (and Wilfork, for that matter) have the ability to walk away in short order if the relationship isn't working out or if Louis Nix excels under Wilfork's tutelage.  Paying $5,000,000.00 in guaranteed money to a 33 year old could be considered a bit risky (especially to Texans fans still smarting from the Ed Reed fiasco), but not so ridiculous as to warrant the Texans walking away from the opportunity to address a position they needed help with via a proven and scheme-friendly addition.

Your reaction to the terms of Wilfork's deal with the Texans?

UPDATE: That $5 million in guaranteed money? It's all payable in the first year.