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Bob McNair Speaks: On His Health, Andre Johnson, Free Agency, Bill O'Brien, Rick Smith, And Much More

The owner of the Houston Texans sat down for a long and informative interview with the Chronicle's John McClain. This is a good read for every Texans fan.

The best there is.
The best there is.
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Houston Texans owner and beloved lord of football in our fair hamlet Bob McNair recently gave a thorough and enlightening interview to John McClain, and I strongly recommend Texans fans take the time to read it in its entirety. I've excerpted some of McNair's disclosures below to whet your appetite.

On his health:

"I have checkouts periodically, had one a couple of weeks ago, and I'm in good health," McNair said about his 10-month ordeal with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and squamous cell carcinoma. "Everything's clean at this point, so that's good news."

On Andre Johnson:

"Certainly, at some point we'll bring Andre back and honor him and recognize what he did for our team," McNair said. "He'll always be remembered as a Texan.

"I think he's happy with the way it worked out. We wish him well and hope he's successful."

On the Texans' performance in free agency:

"I've been quite pleased with free agency," McNair said. "We've accomplished what we set out to do. We signed a quarterback and got help in the defensive line. We wanted a free safety with range, more of a center fielder, and we wanted to add some speed at receiver.

"And we were able to retain Kareem, Derek and Mallett. We did it within the cap, and we didn't sacrifice our future."

On Louis Nix:

"Nix is going to have to earn a spot. Physically, he's capable of doing that. We want to see the dedication and passion and have it show up on the practice field."

On Rick Smith's performance and responsibilities:

"Rick's doing a good job," McNair said. "He and Bill work well together. I think they're on the same page.

"Rick has the ultimate responsibility for picking players, but he picks players the coaches want. He doesn't pick players the coaches don't want, or they'll just sit on the bench."

On Bill O'Brien:

"I thought Bill and the staff did a superb job last season," he said. "We've got a strong staff, and I'm really proud of them.

"I like the fact that when he sees someone not carrying out their responsibility, he corrects it immediately on the field," McNair said. "He doesn't worry if he's going to offend a (position) coach if he corrects the player. If he sees something that's not being done properly, he's right on it.

"He holds his coaches and players accountable. Sometimes loyalty can make a coach overlook poor performance, and Bill has a clear understanding that everybody has to perform, and it doesn't matter who you are. If you aren't performing, he'll make a change."

On the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, Jadeveon Clowney:

"He's making good progress, but he still has a ways to go," McNair said. "The good news is that our (medical and training) staff is pleased with the progress he's making, and he's working hard.

"We have every expectation that he'll be back for the start of the season."

On WiFi at NRG Stadium:

"It's something we need to do," McNair said. "We get a lot of complaints from people who have trouble once they get into the stadium.

"We want people to have a good experience at our games so they'll want to come back. We've got to make sure that happens. They're working on that now. Hopefully, it'll be available real soon."

How soon is soon? By this season?

"They're working on it, and I'd hope they could (get it available this season), but I don't know that it'll be this year," McNair said. "The key is we need to do these things as the need becomes apparent and not put it off.

Anything that McNair said jump out at you? If so, discuss it below.