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2015 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Receive Three Compensatory Draft Picks

The NFL announced which teams would receive compensatory picks in the 2015 NFL Draft and where those picks would fall. Check out how the Houston Texans made out as a result of the players who left in free agency after the 2013 season.

More arrows in the quiver.
More arrows in the quiver.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

What was once merely projected (incorrectly, it turns out) can now be reported as official. The NFL has announced the compensatory picks for the 2015 NFL Draft, and here's what your Houston Texans will receive.

That means the Texans currently have ten (10) picks in the 2015 NFL Draft.

UPDATE: Where are the picks exactly, you ask? NFL Communications says the Texans' compensatory picks come in at No. 174 (5th round), No. 211 (6th round), and No. 216 (6th round) overall.