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Houston Texans Promote George Godsey To Offensive Coordinator

After going without an offensive coordinator in Year One, Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien has named his quarterbacks coach to that position in 2015. Any reason for Texans fans to be concerned?

You're the man now, dog.
You're the man now, dog.
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

BREAKING NEWS...Bill O'Brien has fired himself as offensive coordinator of the Houston Texans.

George Godsey, of course, was hired by O'Brien as the Texans' QB coach last year. As McClain noted, Godsey was essentially the offensive coordinator for the Texans last year anyway; this is simply a recognition (and probably an accompanying raise) of that reality. Considering Godsey's familiarity with Ryan MallettBrian Hoyer, and Bill O'Brien's offense, this should be a relatively seamless transition.

Famous last words, right? Does this merit any reaction from you, aside from congratulating Godsey and perhaps proof that O'Brien is growing comfortable enough to delegate a bit more?