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Andre Johnson Explains Why He Has Requested A Trade

The writing on the wall has always been there, but to hear all of this coming from Andre Johnson himself is downright surreal. Apparently the final wedge between #80 and the Texans was not money or coaching hires, but rather just Johnson's role within Bill O'Brien's offense.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to FOX 26’s Mark Berman’s Twitter stream, we now have a bit more information about why Andre Johnson has requested to be cut or traded out of Houston. In short, it comes down to playing time.

I suppose nobody can really fault Johnson for wanting an opportunity to play more of the game he loves. 'Dre is a future Hall of Famer after all, and he has been an immediate impact starter since the moment he first entered the league. Going from such a lofty status to the bench after over a decade of service is likely just too much of a shock to the system to deal with. Johnson is a competitor – he always has been – and competitors will do anything they can to stay on the field.

We still love you, Andre. Go do your thing.