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Players, Media & Fans React To Andre Johnson's Impending Departure From The Houston Texans

Come get a snapshot of the emotions elicited late last night after news broke out that our parents were getting a divorce Andre Johnson will be leaving the Texans.

Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Boy, it really stunk to come home last night that Andre Johnson and the Houston Texans were calling it quits after 12 years. Whatever happened to staying together for the kids?

Of course it hurts, but hopefully this means the team is now "growing up" as an organization by putting away the Legos and making some grown-up choices. Part of what makes the NFL so popular is also what makes it so ruthless. Teams aren't bound to contracts as strictly as they are in other leagues, and thus can rebuild a broken roster much faster by getting out of fat cap hits. The savviest teams always seem to know when to eject a player to a bottom-feeding team before they become a burden. Hopefully, this is a step towards the Texans becoming one of the former.

It'll never feel right that Andre Johnson is not a Texan, but it's the right thing for both sides. Thank you for everything, 'Dre.

Now for the Twitter reactions!




Andre to [Insert My Favorite Team]!!!!!11