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If Andre Johnson Is Released, Where Should He Sign?

Assuming Andre Johnson gets to choose which NFL team he will continue his career with, were do Texans fans want to see him end up? A poll on Battle Red Blog might provide some insight.

From foes to teammates?
From foes to teammates?
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

If we accept the harsh reality of Andre Johnson leaving Houston to continue his career with another NFL team, the question becomes where he will land. Although the Texans will reportedly try to trade 'Dre, the fact that it's now public knowledge that he'll be cut if a trade partner can't be found virtually guarantees that no team will surrender an asset. Then again, the Raiders did trade a draft pick for Matt Schaub last year when it was understood Schaub wouldn't be coming back to Houston, so it is possible a team ponies up to ensure they don't have to beat out other suitors on the open market.

For the purpose of this post, assume with me that no trade materializes and that Andre Johnson is in fact released. That would make him free to sign wherever he chose. I'm interested to know where you believe the greatest player in Houston Texans history should sign. Hence the poll below.

While it's widely believed that 'Dre wants to go to a team that has a legitimate chance of winning a Super Bowl, I included all 31 other NFL teams in the poll below for the sake of completeness and to ensure that my subjective analysis of contending teams didn't screw up the exercise. Cast your vote about where you believe Andre Johnson should sign if he's released from his contract with the Texans and explain your position in the Comments.