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2015 SBN NFL Writers Mock Draft: Houston Texans Take Bud Dupree 16th Overall

If Houston can't have a quarterback, nobody can. See why Battle Red Blog, drafting for the Texans in the 2015 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, chose Bud Dupree.

Hi, Teddy. Hope you're doing well. I miss you so much :(
Hi, Teddy. Hope you're doing well. I miss you so much :(
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

I find it to be an interesting dichotomy between the intertwined cultures of the Colts and the Texans. They are the Yin to our Yang, so to speak. The last two times Indy has landed the number one pick, they have used it on a once-in-a-generation quarterback. Conversely, the last two number one picks for Houston have been used on once-in-a-generation pass rushing talents, first with Mario Williams in 2006 and then with Jadeveon Clowney in 2014. In 2011 and 2012, both the Texans and the Colts drafted and developed two franchise pillars – J.J. Watt and Andrew Luck – that have evolved into the faces of the entire sport itself. Indianapolis has built around their pass thrower, while Houston has built around their pass rusher. In a way, we sort of complete each other.

However, part of building around that one amazing, perfect, unbelievably effective pass rusher is giving him a supporting cast that can chip in and help every now and then. Whether that means acquiring corners that can give the pass rush time to reach its destination, signing veteran nose tackles that can stall run games and put offenses into third and long, or drafting physically gifted ancillary threats off the edge with the first overall pick to take away double teams, you can never give enough help to a game wrecker like J.J. Watt.

Enter Bud Dupree, a senior freakazoid out of the University of Kentucky who has shown big time potential while being utilized all over the field in the Wildcats' defense.

At sixteenth overall in the 2015 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft, the Battle Red Blog think-tank just couldn’t pass him up. Here is what MTD’s resident draft expert Dan Kadar had to say about the pick on the official posting.

As a Bud Dupree fan, I like this pick. But looking at Houston’s roster, it seems excessive. By far, Dupree’s biggest strength is his ability to get after the passer. With Watt and Clowney, though, how many more pass rushers does one defense need? I’ve gone with Kendricks in so many mocks because he does something completely different while filling a need.

Mr. Kadar poses an interesting question – how many pass rushers does one team really need? For Texans fans that have endured over a decade of Peyton Manning and now Andrew Luck putting up ridiculous passing numbers on this division every year, the answer is quite simple.

All of them. We need f***ing all of them.