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Antonio Smith Released By Raiders; Texans Interested In Reunion With The Ninja Assassin?

One of the more charismatic Texans of all time finds himself unemployed. Could his former team be pining for a reunion? One report says yes.

I need this back in my life.
I need this back in my life.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Not long after Adam Schefter tweeted that a certain ninja assassin would be looking for a new dojo...

...John McClain reports that the Houston Texans would be amenable to a reunion with Antonio Smith. McClain writes:

The Texans are interested in bringing back defensive end Antonio Smith, who was placed on waivers by Oakland today.

Smith, 33, played five seasons (2009-13) with the Texans. Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel wanted to keep him last season, but the Raiders offered him more than $4 million a year, so he signed with Oakland.

As with all things in life the NFL, whether this happens will almost surely come down to money. Smith is still capable of contributing, and the Texans are far from established at defensive end, even with J.J. Watt reaching levels of excellence not ever pondered before by mankind. The question is how badly a 33 year old veteran who could very well have more lucrative offers elsewhere wants to come back to Houston. I'd love to see it happen, but it won't surprise me at all if it doesn't.

Your thoughts on the potential return of Richie Incognito's nemesis?

UPDATE: A little more smoke...

UPDATE II: As BFD noted in the Comments, Raiders fans seem perplexed by the release. One of the reporters on the Raiders beat says it was because of a lack of fit in new coach Jack Del Rio's scheme.

UPDATE III: It wasn't meant to be. Antonio Smith has signed with the Denver Broncos.