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2015 Houston Texans Free Agent News: Texans Sign Derek Newton to 5-Year Contract

The first good news of the 2015 season for the Texans begins with a new contract to ensure continuity at right tackle by giving Derek Newton a 5-year deal.worth more than $25 million.

"I got this...just throw deep, Mallett!"
"I got this...just throw deep, Mallett!"
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

News is breaking that your Houston Texans and Derek Newton have agreed to a five-year contract that will keep the starting right tackle in Houston.

A good estimate might be something similar to what Michael Oher's 4-year deal looked like.  Just running some assumptions, a five-year $26.5M deal for Newton with a $6M signing bonus and $10M guaranteed would be something like this:

2015: $5.675M salary, $1.2M pro-rated (signing bonus)
2016: $5.675M salary, $1.2M pro-rated (signing bonus)
2017: $2M salary, $1.2M pro-rated (signing bonus)
2018: $3.5M salary, $1.2M pro-rated (signing bonus)
2019: $4M salary, $1.2M pro-rated (signing bonus)

The Texans would still have $22 million in cap space to sign other players in 2015, assuming they still release Andre Johnson as previously requested by 'Dre and his agent.

For a player who was once nicknamed "Hologram" for his inability to block in pass protection, Newton sure has developed quite well over the last couple of seasons.  Congratulations to Derek Newton and the Texans!


Front-loaded, but only $10 million guaranteed.  This makes sense for a team that may have to absorb a big QB contract in a couple of years.

Share your thoughts below as we keep an eye out for more breaking news on Kirby.