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2015 NFL Free Agency/Houston Texans Rumor Tracker (Part II): Legal Tampering Continues

Although they can't sign until March 10th, the NFL allows teams to start negotiating with unrestricted free agents today. Talk about all the reports, rumors, and wish lists for the Texans and any other team in Battle Red Blog's second open thread for the occasion.

A better option than Keshawn Martin?
A better option than Keshawn Martin?
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Our cup runneth over with comments in our first open thread for today's NFL free agency legal tampering/negotiating period, so we figured it was time to start a fresh one. Plus, things have changed a bit since this morning, thanks to the Texans agreeing to a new contract with Derek Newton.

Before I let loose the dogs of internet snark, some Texans-related rumors to stir the pot.

With that, the floor is open for your input below. If you've got any rumors, reports, or thoughts on NFL free agency or specific players, let fly in the Comments below. This is your second official open thread for NFL free agency in 2015.