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Ed Reed Announces Retirement; Houston Texans Fans Think It's November Of 2013

The one-time--and I do mean ONE TIME--Houston Texans safety and future Hall of Famer has announced he is officially walking away from the game, to which Texans fans surely have any number of smarmy responses.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Earth-shattering news for Houston Texans fans this evening: ED REED HAS RETIRED. The future Hall of Famer took to Twitter to make the announcement himself.

Naturally, Reed is leaving the game because no team would sign him at any point during the 2014 season in the humble manner in which Texans fans will always remember him.

Oh, no doubt, Ed. Texans fans totally agree that you would definitely lead the NFL in interceptions if you were still playing.

Best of luck to Mr. Reed as he embarks upon this new chapter in his life. No word yet on whether he'll pursue a career in bank robbery.