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Houston Texans Talk: Brett Kollmann Joins The FBIA Podcast For 1-Hour Guest Spot

If you can tolerate the sound of my voice for an hour, you're in luck! I recently joined the crew of the Football Is America Podcast to break down my thoughts on the Texans as we get geared up for the 2015 NFL Draft.

You're not shaking that off, Andrew.
You're not shaking that off, Andrew.
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining the Football Is America podcast for an hour long guest spot to talk all things Texans. We hit on everything from why I became a Texans fan, to how amazing J.J. Watt is, to how totally-not-amazing the Colts are, to what we can expect from Bill O’Brien’s squad going forward into the 2015 season. Click here to check out the show.

Never heard of the FBIA Podcast? Well you should, because it’s awesome. Here is a rundown on the show’s trio of hosts--Ron, Keil, and Mike. If you like self-deprecation and rage-filled outbursts over trivial things related to football, these guys are for you.

Ron is a retired US Army Veteran, and is currently studying to become a History, Physical Education, and Business Teacher and Coach. His unparalleled resilience is the driving force of this cruise liner shipwreck. His terrible decision to constantly punish his mind every episode may need extensive study in self inflicted pain.

Keil is a US Army Veteran and currently works in telecommunications networks development. Living in Alaska, he believes that the Arctic is the perfect place to raise his daughter as a Viking, and hopes her anger will one day destroy the world. We worry about him sometimes….

Ron and Keil met while serving in the same unit in Alaska where they were roommates. They quickly became hetero-lifemates. Together they form a union that their wives would argue is confusingly weird and disturbing, but that the courts would recognize begrudgingly.

Both Keil and Ron are huge supporters of the U.S. Military, its Service Members, and Veterans everywhere.

Their show actively participates in events to support both Disabled Vets and Active Duty Members.

Mike is a recent addition to the show. As a man with a faint sliver of broadcasting talent, hopefully he can bring some structure to Ron and Keil before they ruin what is left of the Internet.

Mike met Ron through Ron’s wife, and then all of a sudden Ron had an amazing idea. "Let’s make more work for me!"

Thus the new trio was formed into a superpower of hilarity!

Mike is a proud Veteran that has served his country as well, and shares Ron and Keil affinity to support all members of our Armed Services.

If you’ve got an hour to kill and/or crave my sweet, sultry voice in your ear, give this episode of FBIA a listen. I promise that you will enjoy it.